Carrier Bag - Carry Nowt

What's going on with carrier bags at Asda stores these days? My partner went shopping a few nights ago and when she arrived home, I was surprised at the size of the carrier bags she was given. They seemed to have shrunk by at least half!

Babybel Bull

Today I found myself very disgruntled with Babybel. I`ve been collecting the promotional packs this week in order to get the free space hopper. I had my 4 codes ready, and logged onto the website only to find that they have had to close the offer due to "Unprecedented demand". The thing that amazes me though is that these special promotion packs are still available to buy in local supermarkets. This should be deemed as false advertising. They claim that they only have 15,000 to give away but that is not stated on the tag when you buy the item from the supermarket. It`s only once you get home from shopping and check the website that you find this out, by which time it`s too late to take them back.

PS3 Controller Is Annoying

I love my playstation 3, yet I have a little problem that I wish to share with you all. I keep my controller in the drawer of my coffee table and whenever I go to fetch anything from that drawer, I always seem to catch the PS button on the controller (easy to do) which then results in the playstation switching itself on. This is all well and good when I wish to actually use the machine, but sometimes I don`t even realise i`ve switched it on and I come home from work 8 hours later wondering why it`s on. Please please please Sony, make it a feature that you have to hold the button down for a certain period of time in order to switch it on. I`m worried that by leaving the machine on for 8 hour periods without realising, it will result in a shorter life span of my console.